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Building the bomb

At the height of the first wave of the COVID pandemic, Becc Holland, sales extraordinaire and LinkedIn influencer, decided to drop the 9-to-5 and blow up the sales world by launching her own sales training business, Flip the Script. Building off the momentum of her sold-out U.S. tour in February of 2020, Becc wanted to continue to disrupt the community and deliver the most insightful sales training she could—all for free! After helping her bring the Flip the Script 2020 tour to life, the Measure team was thrilled to be invited on this next adventure. Truly inspired by Becc's energy and passion for her profession, Measure has helped Flip the Script build an energetic brand and website that delivers over 50 hours of video training and turns the sales industry on its head. Visit the site.

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An explosion of information

The Flip the Script website is built around the delivery of free video training for sales professionals. With over 50 episodes spread across 5 seasons—CORE, Pilot, The New Normal, Silver Bullet Central, and Personalization Point—and a collection of platform-specific training episodes, Becc Stack, the site covers every aspect of sales training. The site manages release notifications, new release promotions, webinar registrations, resource downloads, and custom sales training bookings.

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