A gnarly campaign to show that Adswerve is like, your fave partner and BFF through digital maturity








They grow up so fast

One of Google's key initiatives for their platform partners in 2020 was to encourage tech maturity across their marketing, analytics and cloud platforms. Adswerve took that challenge to heart and made industry-leading strides in helping their customers get more out of Google's powerful media and analytics tools with a strategic approach incorporating all of their services and offerings. When it came time to share that success with Google, Adswerve asked Measure to help them build a campaign that would be memorable and deliverable during a pandemic that has made connecting directly with customers through traditional marketing tools challenging. Using digital delivery and combining the marketing package with Adswerve's annual holiday client gift, it was possible to reach Google clients online and in their mailboxes. The campaign was extremely well received among Googlers and helped Adswerve promote their leadership in adopting Google's tech maturity initiatives.

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Meet me at the mall

Building off of the theme of growing up in the 80s, we built a digital mall where customers could go and collect their free T-shirt, sign up to receive their copy of Adswerve's Tech Maturity Class of 2020 Yearbook, and choose an additional item or have a donation made on their behalf as their holiday gift from Adswerve.

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Funky fresh delivery

Adswerve's tech maturity campaign delivered goodies inspired by growing up in the 80s and the Tech Maturity Class of 2020 Yearbook with case studies of Adswerve's top 10 grads in tech maturity from 2020. The final component in the campaign was a follow-up email from Adswerve and Mr. Thales, Adswerve's digital maturity guidance counselor, wishing everyone a great winter break!

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