A powerful event identity and website for a cross-country tour that was described as 'Fight Club' for sales professionals




Brand Identity







Project Overview

Taking it on the road

With more SDRs and AEs struggling to hit sales quotas than ever before, Chorus.ai's Head of Sales Development, Becc Holland, decided to do something about it. Initially, Flip the Script, was created as a series of free educational webinars, articles, and scheduled sessions to drive tactical value and expertise in sales — giving sales professionals phone and email training and sales strategies necessary to book more meetings and close more deals. As demand grew, Chorus.ai saw an opportunity to make a statement. In an industry-first effort, Chorus.ai embarked on a tour of North America, hitting 9 venues from New York City to San Francisco over 3 weeks in February of 2020. The visual identity for the tour was designed to be bold and full of energy — inspired by Becc Holland's passion for the industry and her description of the tour as Fight Club for sales professionals. Black and white collages of landmarks of American ingenuity and maps from the cities on the tour gave the identity a bit of grit and a powerful presence to help drive excitement for the tour. Sold out in nearly every venue, the all free tour was an enormous success, attracting an average of 300 attendees at each location and building a viral LinkedIn following. Visit the site.

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The Tour

Event signage, city-specific background screens and Eventbrite banners, and a full-wrap tour bus inspired local excitement for the tour and reinforced the bold event identity. The entire system was pulled together in under 8 weeks — from website to bus wrap, we hit the road at top speed.

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