Helping a recruitment technology pioneer bring the intangible to life





Project Overview

Showing what can't be seen

Sophisticated hiring technology is vital to recruiters and staffing specialists, particularly those hiring in ultra competitive tech sectors. Standing out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and convincing recruiters to change platforms, however, can be an uphill battle. Tech recruiting giant Dice faced this challenge with their revolutionary TalentSearch platform. Despite being loaded with innovations, the product itself was difficult to show and required a demonstration to fully experience. To break these barriers, we created an animated video to make the key features of TalentSearch quickly and visually accessible to recruiters.

Talentsearch 01
Talentsearch 02
Talentsearch 03
Talentsearch 04
Talentsearch 05
Talentsearch 06
Talentsearch 07
Talentsearch 08

The client's client's perspective

TalentSearch was purpose-built to anticipate the workflow of tech recruiters. We worked closely with Dice to storyboard a virtual journey through the search process that helps recruiters easily relate to the product and understand how it can simplify their most daunting tasks.

Talentsearch 09
Talentsearch 10
Talentsearch 11
Talentsearch 12
Talentsearch 13
Talentsearch 14

A Complete Vision

In addition to animating the video in-house, we also sourced, directed and edited the voice-over, music track and ambient sound to deliver a fully considered, seamlessly integrated animation.

Talentsearch 15
Talentsearch 16
Talentsearch 17
Talentsearch 18