An eclectic brand, guitar, and lifestyle product line all designed around the ideals of peace, love & rock n' roll.


Two Old Hippies


Brand Identity





Project Overview


When Tom and Molly Bedell decided to retire from Tom's family business, they turned their efforts towards pursuing Tom’s boyhood dream of making and selling acoustic guitars and Molly’s passion for fashion. The Two Old Hippies brand was born, along with the two core business lines within that brand, Bedell Guitars and 2OH. With a desire to grow quickly and compete with established national brands, Tom and Molly pulled in an executive team of industry leaders in both guitar manufacturing and retail fashion, but were lacking a design team to help bring their vision to market.

Measure was brought on board to shape the overall brand identity for Two Old Hippies, Bedell Guitars and 2OH, as well as the company’s other sub-brands. Working closely with Molly, we designed hangtags, store signage, point of purchase displays, and a collection of lifestyle merchandise that was a fusion of hippie-chic and Aspen style, to help launch their first retail brick and mortar location in Aspen, CO.

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Apparel and More

Spreading the love

As Two Old Hippies took off in-store and online, we helped 2OH expand their product line with a collection of custom graphic t-shirts, scarves, sweaters, hippie-inspired patterns for licensing, and artist lines for entertainers like Amy Grant, Crystal Bowersox, and Bridgette Tatum.

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Bedell Guitars

The shape and style

To help launch Bedell Guitars, Measure was tasked with designing a custom and unique headstock shape, neck and body inlays, the iconic sound hole inlay and labels. Beyond their high-quality all solid wood sound, the Bedell Guitar series was designed to rival offerings from heritage guitar companies with amazing wood choices, luxurious inlay materials, and ornamentation with a twist. Measure also helped design advertising, marketing kits, catalogs, packaging, and apparel to support the Bedell Guitars brand.

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