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Corporate Image




Art Direction

Project Overview

Laying the groundwork

For 40 years Corporate Image has been a leader in sustainable packaging and presentation solutions. Just ahead of their milestone anniversary, the company enlisted Measure to develop a new web experience from the ground up with retooled content, smart navigation and clear user journeys.

We kicked off the project with a multi-step discovery process including: a competitive analysis to identify trends and opportunities in the marketplace; an internal survey to plot Corporate Image’s goals for the site; user journey maps to establish how the site can better guide the experience for target audiences; and a page-by-page content audit and a new content strategy. This laid the groundwork for an entirely new site map and a comprehensive outline for all content.

Managing content on the existing site had been a major pain point for administrators. Years of patches had created a notoriously slow and confusing back-end experience. To address these issues, we employed a headless CMS that enables incredibly fast load times, system flexibility, and enhanced security. Coupled with an intuitively designed content editor, the new platform makes managing content extremely easy for the client and extends the flexibility and lifespan of that content indefinitely. Visit the site.

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User-centered design

Everything in its place

Corporate Image’s website is their single most important marketing tool, providing sales reps and customers with quick access to the company’s vast capabilities, work examples, and resources. We streamlined the site navigation and created a consistent organizational structure and design system to make finding information quick and logical. The site's simplified URL structure makes it easy for sales reps to provide prospects with direct links to project samples and case studies. Rich resources give customers and prospects reasons to return to the site, and friendly CTAs and clearly defined step-by-step contact forms make it easy for users to connect with Corporate Image.

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Product first

Our competitive analysis revealed that some of the most successful global competitors were leading with dramatic product photography. We designed the new site to be image-driven, constantly keeping the focus on inspiring products with oversized photos and detailed close-ups to show off Corporate Image's production quality and craftsmanship. We restyled Corporate Image’s existing product photography and art directed new photoshoots to add moody backdrops and dynamic lighting that give their products a better presence on screen.

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