An event identity that proves an expression of hair is an expression of self


The Des Moines Art Center


Brand Identity




Project Overview

A full blowout

The Des Moines Art Center’s biennial Big Hair Ball is a much anticipated celebration of personal expression through fashion and, of course, hair. Tasked with branding the event, we capped four ethereal faces with coifs fashioned from the ultimate symbol of self identity—and then tinged everything with a hint of debauchery. The provocative poster series created significant buzz for the event and garnered a Communication Arts magazine cover.

Bhb four up
Bhb blue eye 2
Bhb red eye 1
Bhb blue eye 1
Bhb red eye 2
Bhb poster left
Bhb poster right

Custom Type

A hair more personality

Nothing could express the off-beat vibe of the Big Hair Ball—a razor fine line between high and low—quite like a custom typeface made of hair. Bold, sinuous and a little over-processed, the hand drawn letterforms weave a wave of curiosity.

Bhb type 1
Bhb type 2
Bhb red face
Bhb cards 1
Bhb cards 2
Bhb cards 3


Do you like to watch?

Setting the event identity in motion, we explored the disconnect between inner desire and outward expression through a video collage of found imagery from vintage yearbooks, vocabulary cards, pin-up calendars and beefcake magazines. The video was projected onto the oversize gallery walls of the Des Moines Art Center during the event, silently asking attendees if they really are who they appear to be.

Bhb video 1
Bhb video trio 1
Bhb video trio 2
Bhb video trio 3
Bhb video deviant 1
Bhb video deviant 2
Bhb video skindeep 1
Bhb video skindeep 2
Bhb video perfectyou
Bhb video wicked 1
Bhb video wicked 2
Bhb video selfdiscovery 1
Bhb video selfdiscovery 2