A new image for a pioneer in sustainable presentations and packaging.


Corporate Image


Brand Identity



Art Direction

Project Overview

From the ground up

Corporate Image has long been a leader in sustainable presentation binders and packaging, championing the cause decades ahead of the industry or consumer demand. On the eve of its 40th anniversary, Corporate Image embarked on a major brand strategy realignment and engaged Measure to elevate its visual branding to meet the challenge. We proposed a ground-up rebrand to help propel Corporate Image from manufacturing partner to trusted brand partner.


Honoring the legacy, embracing the future

Previous incarnations of the identity had focused on Corporate Image’s core product offering of binders. To continue that tradition while also conveying the company’s new focus on luxury packaging, Measure developed a bold angular mark that is a stylization of both an open binder and the corner of a box. The precise angles reinforce Corporate Image’s commitment to craft and an emphasis on the word “image” conveys the company’s role as a trusted brand partner.

Ci brand logo before
Ci brand logo horizontal

Identity System

Clean, bold and bright

A key goal of the rebrand was to develop a visual system that remains cohesive and recognizable even as a backdrop to the company’s own visually diverse products. The result is a clean system featuring bold type and a large palette of vibrant colors that allow the brand to adapt to its context rather than fight it. Color use is extremely flexible and can be used functionally to organize content or aesthetically to add playfulness to the brand.

Ci brand guide a
Ci brand guide b
Ci brand icons
Ci brand biz cards a
Ci brand biz cards b
Ci brand stationery


Look great, work harder

We put the new visual system to work across a broad range of correspondence and product samples. Our goal was to create a system of collateral where every piece is not only a consistent touchpoint for the brand, with immediately identifiable colors and messaging, but also a functional sales tool, demonstrating and listing key capabilities. This strategy reduces Corporate Image’s dependence on client samples and increases their brand awareness among prospective customers.

Ci brand folder a
Ci brand folder b
Ci brand folder c
Ci brand notecards a
Ci brand notecards b
Ci brand sales sheets
Ci brand folders
Ci brand compact a
Ci brand compact b
Ci brand compact c
Ci brand arch folder a
Ci brand arch folder b
Ci brand arch folder interior
Ci brand shipper
Ci brand shipper closeup