A sample kit designed to make an unforgettable entrance.


Corporate Image




Project Overview

First impressions

Long known for high quality presentation materials, Corporate Image made its foray into the luxury packaging world with its new CI RIGIDBOX line of mitered-edge rigid packaging. As a new name in the luxury market with an unusual product—the only packaging of its kind in North America—Corporate Image recruited Measure to develop an immersive experiential sample kit to make a lasting first impression. The resulting kit is itself the ultimate luxury package, providing an indulgent sensory experience of Corporate Image’s full capabilities.


Unlike anything

The ritual of unboxing is critical in the world of luxury packaging, building drama and anticipation as products are revealed. We developed every aspect of the sample kit with this experience in mind. Named Unbox as a play on both unboxing and the un-box-like construction of CI RIGIDBOX, the kit contains an array of “un”-themed boxes that reward the user with layers of tactile surprises while revealing product features.

Ci samplekit tile
Ci samplekit closeup
Ci samplekit overall
Ci samplekit tray a
Ci samplekit tray b

material experience

Giving it their all

The primary goal of the sample kit was to provide a guided experience of the full possibilities of CI RIGIDBOX in a concise package. The kit showcases nearly every possible style of box, every type of covering material and every available finishing technique Corporate Image has to offer. A limited color palette of black and blues creates cohesion among the many different sheens, textures and materials.

Ci samplekit neck
Ci samplekit neck cards
Ci samplekit book closeup
Ci samplekit slipcase closeup
Ci samplekit telescoping a
Ci samplekit telescoping b