A responsible and pristine presentation of Kemin’s natural, plant-based ingredients for health and beauty products


Kemin Industries





Project Overview

Breaking into a new market

At the launch of their new Personal Care business, Kemin Industries asked Measure to help develop a formulation kit to present ingredient samples to existing Kemin partners and potential customers. Breaking into the personal care industry demanded that the presentation resonate with health and beauty marketers. The packaging also needed to embody Kemin’s product positioning—all natural, plant-based and functional. To accomplish this we sourced 100% post-consumer materials and recyclable PET formulation jars to create a clean, functional and smart packaging system suitable for a range of formulation samples including liquids, oils, dry and creams. Systematic product iconography and a minimal color palette helped promote the scientific integrity and trustworthiness of Kemin's ingredients and reinforce their positioning.

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