Identity and brand refresh for a truly unique grooming experience


The Groom Room


Brand Identity





Project Overview

Look sharp

Having already garnered a loyal following, the Groom Room barber shop was ready for an identity to reflect their success and grow their customer base in a niche market. The Groom Room offers traditional services with a focus on expertise, customer experience and an everyday luxury. The new identity explores classic themes with refined modern elements, matching the values of the business and meeting the expectations of their audience. The full brand launch included an identity system, environmental graphics and collateral.

Groom room logo big
Groom room logo a
Groom room logo b
Groom room logo c
Groom room logo horizontal
Groom room bcard scissors
Groom room pattern
Groom room illustration 3
Groom room illustration grid
Groom room snapchat
Groom room straight razor
Groom room brochure
Groom room beards brew

Signage and Environment

Inside and out

Building off of elements of the identity we designed exterior and interior signage for the Groom Room to further influence the customer's brand experience. Simple, clean, and classic expressions of the identity promote the Groom Room's motto, Look Sharp, with bold confidence.

Groom room exterior angle
Groom room reception
Groom room side door c
Groom room interior wall


Telling the story

We worked with photographer Greg Scheidemann to visually communicate the unique customer experience The Groom Room provides. High contrast black and white imagery maintains sharp focus on the exacting details and rituals of service in which their master stylists take great pride.

Groom room photo talcom