16 websites, 5 shared databases, 1 custom enterprise-level events system, 1,500+ pages of migrated content—amazing results


Iowa State University Institute for Transportation





project overview

Untangling the web

Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation (InTrans) facilitates millions of dollars of research and education annually through multiple centers under its umbrella. Its website, tasked with performing many critical functions from housing a massive database of research spanning 30 years to managing events across all of InTrans’ centers and programs, had evolved over the years into an unwieldy tangle of sites developed in varying—and dated—technologies.

In 2016, Iowa State University and InTrans looked to Measure to help them get a better understanding of both their current web system and what it would look like to redesign and build a system to replace it from the ground up. We initiated a 9 month discovery process that laid the groundwork for a completely refreshed web system that serves the needs of InTrans' many research centers and programs. Visit the site.

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content and design

One system to rule them all

Working closely with InTrans and based on the results of our discovery, we wrote an extensive and detailed plan of work that included designing and building a new web system for InTrans that included 16 full websites, 5 shared custom databases (Staff, News, Research, Publications and Facilities), an enterprise level custom events system that fully integrated with TouchNet integrated with a content management system that allowed InTrans the flexibility to expand content and individual sites within the system easily. The project also included content migration of over 1,800 archives of research and publications as well as all main content from each of the 16 sites.

Beyond the functional requirements of the project, InTrans was looking for the new web system to act as a much more robust marketing tool for them, giving them an opportunity to bring more attention to the vastly important work they do. The result is a web system that positions InTrans and Iowa State University as the national leader in transportation and infrastructure research and education. From content organization and accessibility to user flow and consistency of brand and features, the system is a massive success. Visit the site.

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