Visual identity blending beauty and science with the brilliant colors and purity of Kemin's natural ingredients


Kemin Industries


Brand Identity





Project Overview

Natural with Science

Branding, like science, involves research and discovery. We began the Kemin Personal Care branding project with an extensive competitive research and brand positioning exercise that examined and documented 30 competitive companies in 5 categories: business summary, slogan, natural focus, design positioning and visual identity. The 40-page report not only exposed positioning opportunities for Kemin based on industry trends and competitive analysis, but also tested their Natural with Science positioning across the competitive landscape. Based on our research we developed a visual identity for Kemin Personal Care that highlighted the vivid beauty of Kemin’s all-natural plant-based ingredients reflected in porcelain objects, representing the purity and efficacy of Kemin’s science. Simple. Efficient. Pure. Consistent. Passionate. Natural. Words that describe Kemin Personal Care and ideas that are brought to life through their brand identity.

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capabilities folder

Simple and efficient

The Kemin Personal Care capabilities folder is designed to demonstrate functionality and highlight the vivid beauty of Kemin's natural ingredients with cutouts that reveal large and colorful images of the plant sources. The folder construction speaks to Kemin’s idea that good science is simple and efficient, hiding its complexity behind exceptional craft. The folder is a flexible container for presenting a variety of product brochures, formulation sheets, business cards and the corporate brochure.

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Brand Collateral

Consistent. Simple. Efficient.

From product literature to advertising and trade booth design, we have helped Kemin Personal Care consistently promote themselves with a beautiful design system, responsible materials and functional efficiency.

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