Making a complex story about reducing risk and increasing yield, simple


Growers Edge


Brand Identity



Breaking down the plan

Year after year, farmers have to try and do more with less, and that puts them at greater risk for lower yields and less profits. Growers Edge has introduced a powerful risk management solution using AI and data science to help ag retailers grow their business with custom crop plans as well as reducing a farmer's risk by helping them more efficiently and effectively plant, nurture and harvest crops. To help them tell that story, Growers Edge turned to Measure. Working closely with Growers Edge, we wrote the script and created a 2 minute animation that makes the risk management solution easy to understand for ag retailers, and enables them to explain it to their customers.


Everyone on the same page

One of the first steps in our animation process is creating a "blue line" storyboard covering every major frame of the final animation. Our blue lines work great as a digital flip book to help everyone on the project understand how the visuals tell the story, the sequence of the animation and how the major transitions will work.

Ge storyboard 1
Ge storyboard 2
Ge storyboard 3
Ge storyboard 4
Ge storyboard 5
Ge storyboard 6
Ge storyboard 7


Putting the plan in motion

The major objective of the project was to explain, in the simplest way possible, how the Growers Edge risk management plan works. To do that we first distilled the key elements and personas out of the story and created a library of illustrations/icons to represent them—growers, ag products, ag equipment, ag retailers, technology, profits, and data science. Then we put those icons in a sequence, using visual familiarity and clear messaging to lead ag retailers through each stage of the plan and the story of how it works.

Ge frame 1
Ge frame 2
Ge frame 3
Ge frame 4
Ge frame 5
Ge frame 6
Ge frame 7
Ge frame 8
Ge frame 9
Ge frame 10
Ge frame 11
Ge frame 12


Building a system

As part of the animation project, Measure also helped Growers Edge develop a custom series of icons to be used to represent their three core service areas; Crop Plans, Software and Analytics, and Lending, as well as their business partners, clients and services.

Ge icon XL 1
Ge icon XL 2
Ge icon XL 3
Ge icon 4
Ge icon 6
Ge icon 5
Ge icon 7
Ge icon 8