Leveling-up: a rich rebrand to more firmly connect platform with prospect and Chorus.ai with their customers




Brand Identity





A new vision

As Chorus.ai was approaching their Series C Funding announcement in early Q3 2020, new leadership wanted to align the announcement with the release of a major platform update and a complete revamp of the Chorus brand and marketing website. Once again, Chorus looked to Measure to help them achieve the brand and website update in record time. Between March and June of 2020, Measure planned, designed and executed a complete overhaul of the Chorus brand that included a new graphic standards guide, over 75 new product visualizations, a custom icon set, new website features for social proof and use cases, and the design, development and content migration of Chorus' all new website. The massive effort, again, successfully positioned Chorus at the top of their game.

Chorus 2020 02 before after
Chorus 2020 03 sm
Chorus 2020 04
Chorus 2020 05 sm
Chorus 2020 06 sm
Chorus 2020 icons sm


Crafting a visual identity

Chorus' visual branding consists of four distinct graphic elements—circles, rhythm, photography and montage—that can be used individually or in combination to create dynamic communications. Each element has particular meaning to the brand. Circles relate to Chorus' role in capturing conversations and emphasizing connectivity or process and to punctuate key ideas. Rhythm relates directly to the core of Chorus' business—analyzing speech patterns for meaningful data. Rhythm elements create a sense of movement and add a dynamic quality to the Chorus brand. Photography helps Chorus relate to their audience, allowing their customers to envision Chorus' product in their workflow. Montage, the combination of photography with the other brand elements, creates compositions that bring ideas—and the Chorus brand—to life. Montage allows Chorus to tell more complex stories with greater visual depth.

Chorus 2020 08
Chorus 2020 09
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Chorus 2020 17


Creating flexibility and familiarity

Our primary objective with product visualization is to honestly represent key product features and usability by creating a visualization strategy that allows for the flexibility of rapid and successive platform updates, but that doesn't require the visualizations to be updated at the same pace. For Chorus, we created a consistent visual language and a refined collection of graphic elements based on the actual product design to represent the major features of the platform across a wide array of uses. This helps to build familiarity between prospects and the product, and allows Chorus to more easily roll out visualizations of new product features.

Chorus 2020 18
Chorus 2020 19
Chorus 2020 20
Chorus 2020 screens grid


A new brand realized

With over 75 new product illustrations and animations and new social proof features and use case pages, the Chorus.ai website is a rich experience that connects platform with prospect and Chorus with customer in more meaningful ways. Visit the site.

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