Finding a strong but sensitive voice to lead through unprecedented challenges




Brand Identity






Adapting to the new norm

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic most businesses faced uncertainty at every front. For media and analytics company Adswerve, that meant navigating that uncertainty for themselves while simultaneously developing a rapid response to help their clients stay on course. Measure helped Adswerve develop the tone and branding for a living collection of COVID-19 resources. Forward Together acknowledges that Adswerve faces many of the same challenges as their clients and partners during the pandemic and offers assurance that they’re focused on developing fluid strategies together. Through the course of 2020 Measure developed supporting images for resources, an animation for video segments and a custom direct mail campaign.

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Business as usual

Businesses that typically connect with key audiences through in-person events and personalized mail sent to offices suddenly found themselves without a playbook in the early months of the pandemic. Adswerve hit the ground running with a virtual happy hour for a select group of participants who elected to have cocktail kits sent directly to their homes. Adswerve enlisted Measure to develop branding for the event that would drive engagement and rise above the ho-hum Zoom meeting. The Happy Hour was so successful a second even was held.

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