Branding and packaging to help a growing craft brewery reach new shores and celebrate an anniversary


Exile Brewing Company




Project Overview

Brewing change

Exile Brewing Company is a craft brewery built on a family legacy of finding new opportunities in a land far from home. While a dedication to craft and a strong regional following have helped expand Exile’s retail footprint into new markets, its packaging was struggling to command shelf presence against better known regional and national brands. An unprecedented national packaging shortage combined with a general retail shift from glass bottles to cans also created a need for a visual system with greater flexibility for consistency across a wider variety of formats and printing constraints. Exile enlisted Measure to revamp their packaging, develop branding for new products and position existing ones for better performance on the shelf.

Tico pattern

Tico Time

Pura vida

Tico Time Tropical Wheat Ale, inspired by the laid-back Costa Rican lifestyle, begs those who imbibe to savor the moment as much as the tropical flavor. Measure infused Tico’s branding with soothing tropical colors and dozens of festive miniature illustrations to capture the Costa Rican spirit. Tico’s fruit and florals pattern brings the carton packaging extra life while maintaining consistency with the rest of Exile’s packaging system.

Tico row 1
Tico tall box square
Tico row 2
Tico box
Tico pyramid

Tursi Pils

Pure gold

Conceived as an homage to Exile’s family heritage on the dawn of the brewery’s tenth anniversary, Tursi Pils is a badge of honor in the form of a classic pilsner. Measure developed the Tursi Pils brand to reflect the clean and classic style of the beer with a crisp interpretation of Exile’s signature crown in gold set against a pearlescent white background. The design recalls beer branding from another era while standing out as a special moment among Exile’s typical all black branding.

Tursi stacks
Tursi cans
Tursi canboxes