A sweeping change to amplify Dasera's brand and web presence in tandem with Yellowstone, their first major platform release




Brand Identity





Building a strong foundation

As Dasera, a cloud data-in-use security SaaS start-up in San Francisco, began to build traction in the industry with a growing customer base and partnerships, they recognized the need to raise the bar with their branding to continue to grow and attract more funding. Measure created a new identity for Dasera as well as a feature-filled enterprise level website, rolled out with their first major product update, Yellowstone.

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Creating a unique position

Measure created a custom collection of illustrations and animations to highlight features of the platform's products. We also created a complete custom icon set for the product capabilities and risk categories as well as custom personas.

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Designed to engage users

Measure helped Dasera build several rich features into the site to engage potential partners and investors and drive prospects toward demo requests. Among these features is a Risk Calculator that dynamically calculates a user's data-in-use risk score and five other metrics based on a set of questions they answer, providing a potential annual cost of insider breaches to businesses.

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