A squirrelly campaign to bring a little light and life to a very niche job search







They walk among us

ClearanceJobs, the only professional networking site solely dedicated to job seekers who hold security clearances, has a reputation for using insider humor to engage their incredibly niche audience. For several years they had been featuring Secret Squirrels—a spy term now comically applied to security cleared professionals—as literal squirrels in their advertising. Wanting to take the idea to the next level, ClearanceJobs enlisted Measure to develop a more cohesive and polished approach to give the campaign more punch.

Cj squirrel cac
Cj squirrel fur render a
Cj squirrel fur render b
Cj squirrel fur render c


Ridiculously real

Earlier campaigns had relied on collages made from photos of real squirrels, limiting the possibilities for poses. Measure worked with Pierre-Olivier Thevenin, a talented 3-D artist, to create fully posable, realistically rendered squirrels. Their humanized clothing and ability to express recognizable emotions makes the squirrels relatable to audiences while amplifying the humor in the messaging.

Cj squirrel alexa


In plain sight

Exhibited on larger-than-life signboards throughout the metro system, the squirrels are now well known in Washington D.C. While such a public display of insider humor might seem counterintuitive, D.C. is host to the largest concentration of cleared professionals in the nation who see the squirrels on their daily commutes.

Cj squirrel commute
Cj squirrel bus stop nyet 1800
Cj squirrel nigerian prince


The crowd goes nuts

The Secret Squirrel campaign has been well received in the cleared community, generating buzz across all social media platforms as users snap pics of their favorite furry counterparts. The endless possibilities of 3-D modeling have allowed that success to continue for several seasons as the secret squirrels become a more integral element of the ClearanceJobs brand.

Cj squirrel brownies
Cj squirrel poppies
Cj squirrel bitcoin
Cj squirrel nuts
Cj squirrel research