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project overview

Yes, we can do that

Strong brands, particularly strong tech brands, require rich experiences to drive engagement with current and prospective customers. Chorus.ai asked Measure to develop an interactive experience to deliver results from their State of Conversation Intelligence 2020 report. This was no small ask considering the report analyzed data from over five million sales calls of more than 300 companies to discover trends and habits of high growth sales teams. The resulting site, rich with custom animations and interactive features, responds to user input, creating a customized experience. At conclusion, the site dynamically generates and delivers customized Google Slide reports to each user based on answers they posted to industry benchmark questions and average sale values. Visit the site.

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custom reports

The final touches

Using Google's API we merged user inputed data from the website to create completely custom reports for users to share with their sales teams and management. Custom reports were generated and delivered on the fly through the site as well as through custom emails generated through Marketo. With over 750 custom reports generated in the first 3 months and an average of 8 minutes spent on the page per visit, the site has performed beyond expectations.

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