An interactive experience designed to feel as luxurious and refined as the intimate mountain village it represents


Beaver Creek Village





Capturing a feeling

Beaver Creek Village and the luxury resorts that call Colorado's Vail Valley home, tasked us with creating a web experience that would help drive village wide corporate event and conference sales throughout the year. To do that, Measure created an interactive experience that felt as extraordinary and sophisticated as the village itself. Beaver Creek Village prides itself on providing their guests with impeccable service—similarly the website was designed to cater to an event planners every need, making information accessible and exciting to navigate. The site aims to bring the village experience to the visiting event planners, with large and immersive photography and custom detailed maps highlighting venues, lodging and activities. Linked directly with Cvent, the site makes booking events easy. The site was a hit with the resorts and event planners, raising conversions and enhancing the overall brand experience of Beaver Creek Village. Visit the site.

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A site for all seasons

Beaver Creek Village and Vail Valley are most known for their world-class winter activities, but a primary goal of the website was to draw corporate events and conferences to the Village year-round, and especially in traditionally off-season months. To help with that, we built the site to dynamically switch out photography to reflect the season and created a keyed collection of activities denoting seasonality. Visit the site.

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Event planners in mind

The primary function of the site is to inspire event planners to book their events at Beaver Creek. To help them get a better understanding of the Village and its amenities, we illustrated and built custom interactive maps of village venues, lodging, dining and activities as well as regional airports. Additionally we created 'windows' into the village with immersive, subtly panning photography to create an intimate experience of what the village, and the event planner, can offer their guests. Visit the site.

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