An energetic brand for an inclusive event near to our hearts—and our office.


Ames Pride


Brand Identity




Moving forward, honoring history

Ames Pride, an Iowa LGBTQIA+ advocacy group, is a leader in the trend of hosting pride events in smaller cities with a focus on local issues. Their flagship event, Ames Pridefest was reaching maturity in its third year but lacked a cohesive visual presence needed to draw donors, vendors and crowds. As the first LGBT business enterprise in Iowa to be certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)—and a local Ames business—Measure was a natural fit to define the look and feel of Ames Pridefest. Drawin inspiration from the traditional rainbow flag, we created a continuous spectrum of vibrant colors to suggest the breaking of barriers created by labels, acknowledging Ames Pride's unique focus on youth and expanding inclusivity. Bold typography, bright gradients and prominent angles echoing the existing Ames Pride logo paired with edgy messaging gave the event much needed attitude.

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Humor with heart

Part of building a successful image for Ames Pridefest was developing a distinct voice, a challenge for an event that walks a line between serious issues like trans rights and exuberant celebration. A tone that shifts between tongue-in-cheek humor and touching sincerity gives the event emotional range and depth.

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Social progress

Ames Pridefest relies heavily on social media for low-cost marketing opportunities. Previously they had relied heavily on a limited supply of photography from past events, resulting in posts that looked repetitious. We created campaigns built for specific audiences—sponsors, volunteers, vendors and entertainment—to maximize the effectiveness of their outreach and introduced graphic treatments to produce variety while extending the usefulness of their existing photography.

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