Search, apply and connect, a preview of ClearanceJobs' feature-filled NextGen platform release





Next generation

ClearanceJobs is the largest career network for professionals with federal government security clearance, and a leader in job search and recruiting technology. Up until their NextGen platform release, there were no services that actually connected job seekers with recruiters in any way that really mattered. Candidates were left in the dark after submitting their applications, receiving limited or no feedback. ClearanceJobs put an end to that, building a stronger community between security cleared candidates and recruiters, giving them features like messaging, voice calling and robust profiles. Measure was thrilled to help ClearanceJobs introduce their NextGen platform release, writing the script and developing a fun and informative teaser animation that grabbed the attention of their customers and competition.

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Cj nextgen candidate profile


Find opportunities and connect with employers

ClearanceJobs makes it easy to search for job opportunities, with the ability to use keywords, boolean search, or full job descriptions with their proprietary search platform, IntelliSearch.

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The major differentiator

ClearanceJobs has built in tools—chat/messaging, in-app email and in-app voice calls— to help job candidates connect directly with employers and recruiters. These features help to build community, giving recruiters the opportunity to provide feedback to candidates and giving candidates the chance to learn more about the culture of the employers they are applying with.

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