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Measure Referral Card

After receiving a letter from a financial advisor asking us to refer friends and family, we wondered if creative professionals could pull off the same stunt—with a little more panache, of course. While debating what memorable approaches might and might not completely offend our current clients, we decided to make this an exercise in idealism: the type of client we want to be working with will not be offended by some well-crafted (and innuendo-laden) wit. Opting to compare referrals to swingers, we clearly chose a safe path. We kept the format simple with small, clean and striking cards flawlessly rendered in tactile paper with metallic silver and dayglo pink ink via letterpress. We sent the promo off in matching pink envelopes with flaps block-printed (by our own hands) in white. The response to our classy seduction? Positive across the board.